SMART Board Audio Tutorial

I have finished working on the audio recording of the SMART Board tutorial via Adobe Captivate. It’s been a great learning experience for me. It certainly took me long to finish my project, to prepare a script, to rehearse because speaking and doing the demo on the screen simultaneously was not easy. The timing had to be perfect and, luckily, I could edit a lot. Saving the entire project was a challenge because as I was making my demo more and more interactive, adding audio, video and images to it which resulted in SWF bloat. The file became so big I could not open it. And once it was opened, it took awhile to do the editing and saving. I learned my lesson and realized what I did wrong while working in Captivate. Here are some sure-fire tips that I will follow from now on to keep the size of the published SWF under control:  First, smaller recordings are better than fewer, larger ones. Second, nothing will bloat a SWF as much as extremely long audio effects and voiceover audio and video, or too many images. Last, customizing and manually setting the options for the resources used will help to lower the size of a SWF.

Recording my SB Project with Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is a great tool which allows to easily record narration for any content. My assignment was to create a voice-over narration tutorial for the SMART Board presentation via Adobe Captivate. Audio narration might be very time consuming and challenging for somebody who is just not a born speaker. I had to prepare a script properly, making sure what needed to be recorded was clearly defined. When proofreading the text, I had to be sure it would make sense to someone who is looking at it for the first time. I had to rehearse the script so that I would be comfortable with the wording. I am thinking: Would not I look awkward fumbling over my words? Or what if my mind went blank? English is not my first language. It still takes me a while to transfer thoughts into words. The voice I was used to hearing all my life sounded different from the one I heard on my video. I did not project any confidence. Yet, I overcame my fear of not trying. This gave me the experience I needed. The experience to grow!