Proposed Workflow

  • Create Gmail account for the library and add library staff to handle the work;
  • Create instructions on how to access and create QR codes;
  • Re-meet with library staff to create some codes and show how to do it themselves;
  • List where QR codes be located specifically;
  • List what it would look like: a poster, a handout, or a stand alone code;
  • Create QR codes; ensure work; re-meet and demonstrate the work;
  • At last, print.

Ideas (Sue, Elizabeth,Gail; Daniel; Traci)

Sue, Gail, and Elizabeth
  • Scan QR code to get to the NLM poster to answer questions, like “What is WJ?”
  • Scan QR code and go to study guides (location: students’ stations)
  • “Don’t see it on the shelf? – Request It!” Scan the QR code and get access to the online resources.

Dan and Daniel

  • Scan QR code and get printing instructions for the print release station, and book scan station.
  • QR code on a virus scan station
  • Scan QR code and get printing directions how to scan documents


  • Audio tour of the library with QR codes (great idea but should be implemented in 2013)


  • E-resources
  • Consumer Health resource page (locations: 8 computer stations and/or outside of the cafeteria) – Scan to take info with you.
  • Mobile Resources (QR codes on the handouts)
  • Library Contact Info (location: front desk)


Ideas (Elizabeth & Jay)

  • QR code for the NLM poster
  • digital frame will contain a QR code: one of the slide will slow up for 10 – 20 seconds or should we have a QR code in the corner of every slide?
  • QR codes on the handouts in class
  • QR code with a link (remote access) to EZProxy
  • Scan a QR code and get access to a Lightening Tip (created by Traci)
  • Browse our virtual shelf (location: next to elevators)
  • QR code with a link to a librarian’s business card info (useful to know who helped you – groupies)
  • Put QR codes with Consumer Health Page resources on the stand with folders near the cafeteria.


Ideas (Debbie & Ann Marie)

  • Scan QR code to make an appointment for a consultation (consult info – intranet): Need help? Scan to make an appointment.
  • Scan QR code and get a phone number to call if you need to reserve a room, or scan to reserve a room.

Specialty eBook Searches


*Emergency Medicine*{su}+OR+Emergencies+{su}+OR+Wounds+and+Injuries+{su}+OR+poisoning+{su}&item_type=EBOOK&sort_by=TI





Special Online Catalog Pages
*My Account Page – Renew books online*

*Required/Recommended Books*


eResource Pages (Public Sites)
*eJournal AtoZ List*

*Online Catalog*

*General Electronic Resources Page*

*Mobile Resources Page*

*Consumer Health Page*

*Request It!*






QR Generators with Tracking versus other URL shorteners



Google made its URL shortener,, open for everyone and gave it its own website, similar to’s.


The article source:


The article on the difference between the two QR code generators is here: