Reflections on my past experience at the library

I have had an opportunity to be an intern at the Medical School Library. I have been working on several projects that I have been assigned to do throughout the year of 2012. I had to create SMART Notebook software tutorials for the faculty using Adobe Connect 8 and Adobe Captivate. I have had time to learn how to operate Adobe Captivate which provides the simplest means of recording one’s actions on a screen. I assisted the faculty in developing of SMART Notebook software activities for the class devoted to medical errors. I have been teaching professional development seminars for the library faculty focusing on the updated version of SMART Notebook 11. I have learned about Audience Response System and its benefits in allowing students to communicate and collaborate using clickers, at first, physical and later virtual. I had a responsibility to take student attendance using Turning Point 2008 and Audience Response System. I have been able to attend symposiums devoted to successful use of technology held at Saint Rose and at Sage Colleges. I have seen the SIM center at Albany Medical College and the simulations the students practice with. I had to explore Adobe Presenter, a new add-on to Power Point Presentation, and its use in creating step-by-step tutorials and medical scenarios integration. I took time to explore the apps, geared at gaming and simulation, installed in the library iPads which had become available for loans. During the Open House, the QR codes were successfully introduced at the library in the Scavenger Hunt activity. Following that, I had researched on how the library could benefit more from using the QR codes at the places of most need. I have learned that QR codes have been successfully used in the library settings including medical libraries. I had written a proposal on how and where the QR codes could be implemented in the library. Meanwhile, I had been discussing the ideas and the proposed workflow with the library faculty. I had come across a website that had the ability generate QR codes and retain the history of the QR code use, as well as the ability to edit the information about the QR codes over time. Next steps would require printing out and placing the QR codes in the library and the library handouts. After that, it would be interesting to observe the statistics to see how much and which QR codes might be scanned more or less. I am grateful that I have had an opportunity to learn so much during my internship and I will look forward to implement everything I have learned in my further teaching ¬†experience.